Cleveland Tofu

Cleveland TofuLocally owned and operated, artisan crafted, Cleveland Tofu has been in business since 1976. The quality and consistency of our tofu has remained the same throughout time as is our dedication to bringing you the finest, local, hand-made tofu you can find.

Our soybeans come from Ohio. The seeds are locally grown and processed in Ohio. All seed is Non-GMO and Kosher certified. Our growers meet the most rigorous industry standards for quality and purity and are always rated within the top three suppliers in the world.

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Contact us today at 216-391-7555 × 17 to become a distributor. Cleveland Tofu is currently distributed through:

Hillcrest Food Service
Hillcrest Food Service
2735 East 40th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
Phone: 216-361-4625
Toll Free: 1-800-952-4344
Premier Produce One
Premier Produce One
4500 Willow Parkway
Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio 44125
Phone: 1-800-229-5517
Sirna and Sons
Sirna & Sons
7176 State Rt. 88
Ravenna, OH, 44266